Friends and AcquaintancesEdit

Tohko FukamiEdit

Yuki has romantic feelings towards Tohko. Tohko seemed to be clueless about this, until Yukinari surprised her by confessing to Tohko that he likes her. Their relation becomes strained due to presence of Kakeru.

Kakeru OkikuraEdit

When they first met, Yuki wasn't very friendly to Kakeru and sees him as a love rival. He seems to be jealous of the relationship between Tohko and Kakeru. Also, he declares,(muttering quietly) to Yanagi that he doesn't want to lose.The two's relationship become even worse when Kakeru taunts Yukinari and gets punched hard in the face.

Hiro ShirosakiEdit

Yukinari and Hiro has been friends since junior high school. Yukinari is aware of Hiro's feelings towards Sachi and is willing to support him.

Sachi NagamiyaEdit

The two have not been shown to talk a lot, despite being in the same group.

Matasaburou ShirosakiEdit

The two seem to get along, with Matasaburou calling Yukinari by his nickname, 'Yuki'.


Yanagi TakayamaEdit

Yuki and Yanagi are step-brother and step-sister. Yanagi has romantic feelings for Yuki and she is aware of Yuki's feelings towards Tohko. Yukinari was surprised when she confessed to him, and was unsure how to act around her.

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