Yukinari Imi
Yukinari Imi
井美 雪哉
Imi Yukinari
Age 18 years
Gender Male
Eye Color Dark green
Hair Color Black
Occupation Third Year High School Student
Track Team Member
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed mother
Yanagi Takayama (step-sister)
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor

Nobunaga Shimazaki

Yukinari Imi (井美 雪哉 Imi Yukinari?) is one of the main characters of the Glasslip series. He was a track team member until he injured himself in his first year in high school. He is currently in rehabilitation. His friends calls him "Yuki", for short.


Yukinari has black hair and dark green eyes. His facial expression is often rather hostile. He is often seen scowling with his eyebrows turned downwards. He wears a loose blue tie and with his sleeves rolled up.

Some female characters have remarked that Yukinari is attractive.


Yukinari is a cool and is generally a nice boy. He has trouble expressing his feelings through words and is somewhat stubborn. After he is rejected by Tohko, he becomes more moody.


Yukinari's mother is remarried to Yanagi's father, making Yanagi and Yukinari step siblings.



Yukinari is introduced along with Hiro. The group of friends watch the fireworks together. Yukinari is then seen to be working at the Cafe. He later takes two chickens home as requested by Tohko, with Yanagi getting angry as Yukinari always did what Tohko said. He later rises from his chair when Kakeru arrives, asking who he is.


Yukinari tells Tohko that she doesn't have to go meet Kakeru if she doesn't want to. Yukinari then meets Kakeru when out on a run and sprints ahead, as he does not want to lose to Kakeru. Yukinari confesses to Tohko that he likes her near the end of the episode. Tohko then runs away, flustered saying thank you. Yukinari then walks home with Yanagi, who unbeknownst to him, had witnessed the whole event.

Utility TankEdit

Yukinari walks into Yanagi and Tohko drying themselves. He is later rejected by Tohko, who says she thinks of him as an important friend, but that there is someone else more suited to be with him.

Steep RoadEdit

Yukinari is seen helping Yanagi after she hurt her leg. In the next scene he is seen with Tohko at the schoolyard.

Hinode BridgeEdit