Friends and AcquaintancesEdit

Tohko FukamiEdit

Yanagi and Tohko are best friends. They seem to trust eachother, like when Yanagi said she would confess to Yukinari. But later it turned out it was a lie. Other than that, they are seen to be always doing things together, and make jokes with eachother. Also, they are so close that they are comforatable of taking off and drying their clothes together when they accidentally fell into the river. Tohko may be her closest friend.

Kakeru OkikuraEdit

In episode 2, after Kakeru left the cafe, Yanagi mentioned that she thought that he's good-looking. She also trusts him enough to tell him about Yukinari's situation, and how she plans to confess to him. However, she slaps him and calls him the worst after he challenges Yukinari to a race for Tohko, as she knew that Kakeru didn't intend to run. Yanagi also states that Yukinari is no longer attractive because of Kakeru, showing an apparent dislike of Kakeru's demeanor.


Yukinari ImiEdit

Yanagi and Yukinari are step-brother and step-sister. Yanagi has romantic feelings for Yukinari. She is aware that Yukinari holds romantic feelings for Tohko. Yanagi is helping Yukinari with his rehabilitation. She actually confessed to Yuki, and she stated that she knows that he will reject her. It seems that Yuki still has mixed feelings for her

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