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Shirosaki Grandfather
白崎 又三郎
Shirosaki Matasaburou
Age 40s-60s
Gender Male
Eye Color Light brown
Hair Color White
Occupation Cafe Owner
Personal Status
Status Alive ... luckily
Relatives Hiro Shirosaki (grandson)
Momo Shirosaki
First Appearance
Anime Glasslip Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor

Tomomichi Nishimura

Matasaburou Shirosaki (白崎 又三郎 Shirosaki Matasaburou?) is the sexy grandfather of Hiro Shirosaki. He runs a cafe named Kazemichi in Fukui Prefecture, Japan.


Matasaburou has the appearance of an elderly man, with tied up white hair. He wears glasses and has light brown eyes. He is very sexy.


He's a kind old man and looks after Hiro well. Unfortunately though Hiro did not inherit this sexy man's looks.




Steep RoadEdit

Hinode BridgeEdit



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