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Mari Fukami
Tohko Mari
深水 マリ
Fukami Mari
Age 30s-40s
Gender Female
Eye Color Darkish Brown
Hair Color Darkish brown
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Ken Fukami (husband)
Tohko Fukami (elder daughter)
Hina Fukami (younger daughter)
First Appearance
Anime Glasslip Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor

Rieko Takahashi

Mari Fukami (深水 マリ Fukami Mari?) is Ken Fukami's wife and the mother of two daughters named Tohko Fukami and Hina Fukami. She appears to like painting.


She is portrayed to have dark brown hair and eyes. She has two side bangs that covers her ears a little bit.


She has a teasing personality.



Tohko stares into a glass when suddenly Mari calls out her name. She asked her daughter what she would like for dinner and knowing that she wants stew, she made an excuse as a denial. When Hina was about to leave, Mari asks her what she wants for dinner with the reply of the cabbages left over.

Tohko brings home Jonathan and Mari decides to cook hot pot. At dinner, she talked about how she first her husband in relation to a chicken. She was paiting a chicken which was why she was late to her first date wtih Ken.


She had a sudden craving for karrage. She says she doesn't remember the incident at Kirinkan lookout with her husband.

Utility TankEdit

She was shown briefly to be cooking dinner.

Steep RoadEdit

Hinode BridgeEdit



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