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Ken Fukami
Ken Fukami
深水 県
Fukami Ken
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Darkish brown
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Mari Fukami (wife)
Tohko Fukami (elder daughter)
Hina Fukami (younger daughter)
First Appearance
Anime Glasslip Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor

Hiroyuki Kinoshita

Ken Fukami (深水 県 Fukami Ken?) is Mari Fukami's husband. He has two daughters, Tohko Fukami and Hina Fukami.


He is portrayed to have messy, spiked brownish black hair.


He appears to be sensitive person. He can also be funny at times.



Over dinner, Ken and Mari talk about their first time dating.


Ken talked about when he was dating Mari with his family at dinner, although Mari says she doesn't remember that event, which made him sad.

Utility TankEdit

He was shown briefly at his family dinner table reading a magazine.

Steep RoadEdit

Hinode BridgeEdit



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