"Utility Tank"
Glasslip- 03
Scenario Rika Satou
Storyboard Eiyoh Kurakawa
Episode director Eiyoh Kurakawa
Animation director Kousuke Kawazura
Japanese air date

July 17, 2014

Opening "The Summer Day and Your Voice"
Ending "World of Transparency"
Previous Next
← "Bench" "Steep Road" →

"Utility Tank" (ポリタンク Poritanku?) is the third episode of the anime series Glasslip. The episode was written by Rika Satou and directed by Eiyoh Kurakawa. The episode was broadcast in Japan on July 17, 2014.

Synopsis Edit

Tohko tells Kakeru that she wants to see the future, so Kakeru goes to her house. They talk for a bit before they are interrupted by Tohko's sister, Hina. Kakeru then leaves, Tohko asks if Kakeru wants to go hiking with her group, but Kakeru declines, stating that he prefers to hike alone. The next day the group goes on the hiking trip, with Sachi taking the car with Momo due to her poor health. The group arrive at the camping site, and Tohko and Yanagi go to fetch water. Tohko accidentally falls into the creek with Yanagi and their clothes get wet. Yanagi tells Tohko that she heard Imi confess to Tohko, but told Tohko that she won't give up. Imi then stumbles on the girls drying themselves after falling in the river. Tohko later rejects Imi, telling him that she thought of him as an important friend, and that she thought that there was someone more suited for him. The group then return home, Tohko takes a bath with her sister, and asks Hina what she would have done if the person her best friend liked confessed to her. Hina says that she would have replied depending on whether she liked that person or not. Hina then proceeds to tease Tohko about the Kakeru, who came to their house before.

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