Glasslip - 01 01.56
Scenario Rika Satou
Storyboard Junji Nishimura
Episode director Takefumi Anzai
Animation director Miki Takeshita
Japanese air date

July 3, 2014

Opening "The Summer Day and Your Voice"
Ending "World of Transparency"
Previous Next
← N/A "Bench" →

"Fireworks" (花火 Hanabi?) is the first episode of the anime series Glasslip. The episode was written by Rika Satou and directed by Takefumi Anzai. The episode was broadcast in Japan on July 3, 2014.


During the summer festival, a certain boy arrived to the town, climbing up towards the shrine, he saw a group of four high school students. The next day, he met one of the group, only to be called "David." The girl later reveals herself as Tohko Fukami, who cares the chickens on the school a lot. Feel challenged, she asked her friends to take one each to their homes, this led to a conflict on Yanagi and Yukinari, because Yukinari seemed to prioritize Tohko's orders and requests. Then they gave up and return the chickens back to school, and during their meeting, the boy, Okikura joins in only to make everything more mixed up.

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