Fragments of Music
Soundtrack album by Akito Matsuda
Release Date September 24, 2014
Label Lantis
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Fragments of Music (音楽の欠片 Ongaku no Kakera?) is the soundtrack to the anime series Glasslip. Composed by Akito Matsuda, the album was released under the music label Lantis on September 24, 2014.[1]


From original TV anime started broadcasting on July 2014 Glasslip original soundtrack album including the BGMs' release!
The music is scored by P.A.WORKS' "Koi Tabi〜True Tours Nanto" set in Toyama Prefecture, "Akito Matsuda"
Coloring the project, is a classical yet freshly-made, the album that gathers all the glittering music appears!

Also include TV size of OP and ED.[1]

Track listingEdit



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Theme Songs "The Summer Day and Your Voice" • "World of Transparency" • "Lucent Eyes"
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